Jeremy Ahn's temporary website

Because I was sick of having an incomplete website

Some quick facts about me:

As of now the remainder of this page will be a summation of my résumé in a more personalized format.

I'm an independent contractor at Roblox

I'm a part of the Roblox developer community, where the top developers and power users come to congregate. As an independent contractor, I earn Roblox's virtual currency with in-game purchases in my games and can convert it into USD. Besides that, I get contracted by other developers and customers on Roblox to make things for them! If you are interested, you can contact me (options listed below).

I'm an organizer at CodeDay New York

Coding with others is a strong passion of mine. My first social tech event was CodeDay New York, and I'm happy to be on the organizing team for it now. CodeDay is a nationwide event run by StudentRND (meaning, there are numerous CodeDay events across the country in the same weekend) where anyone can come together to create something cool with others in 24 hours. We hold events three times a year, and I encourage anyone to come!



Facebook - /jeremyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy (16 y's)
Scapchat - themessinator
Email - me [at] jeremyahn [dot] com