Software Engineering Intern
June 2019 - November 2019
San Mateo, California, United States
At Roblox, I developed functional user interfaces from design concepts and specifications for cross-platform universal application using Roact, in-house React-inspired Lua framework. Not only was I able to work on user interfaces with Lua but also was I able to work on platform-specific issues within the universal codebase, adding to Java and Objective-C codebases (for Android and iOS respectively) to enhance cross-platform seamlessness. The company follows a dogfooding principle, which required me to add to the API in C++ not only used internally by the company's app engineers but also by millions of Roblox community developers.
Software Engineering Intern
May 2017 - August 2017
Brooklyn, New York, United States
During this opportunity, I worked on an existing React Native mobile application that was already used by thousands of DribbleUp smart basketball consumers. This required working with NodeJS and sometimes having to tinker with Java to enable cross-platform compatibility with Android devices. I also had the opportunity to play around with vector graphics and shapes using the Inkscape vector graphic software, which was an interesting experience!

Some (maybe) fun things I've made

Considering CSE 300, my class on Technical Communications, was the reason behind my ultimate motivation to finally stop being lazy and make a personal website, here's some stuff particularly from that class.

Technical Communications

Making an Image Transparent
In this project, I write a step-by-step tutorial on how to make an image transparent if it has a solid background. I used the GNU Image Manipulation Tool (GIMP) to achieve this process.
Stony Brook University Hosts its First Hackathon
I wrote a mock news release for Stony Brook University's first official hackathon.

Other projects

I definitely will add images and information on this page regarding my projects for your own convenience. In the meantime, you can check out my stuff on my GitHub!

Let's get in touch!

Email: me [at] jeremyahn [dot] com.